Rating System

5 pie

Five Pies

Heaven is a place on earth, and it is the property this restaurant is located in. The textures and the flavours of the exquisites dishes awaken your senses and you realise — this is why you live to eat, not eat to live. You then proceed to make a reservation for every day for the rest of the year.

4 p

Four Pies

The dishes have an oomph that just hit the spot. It definitely satisfied your cravings and met your expectations. It is a restaurant you would drive in Manila rush-hour traffic hour — yes, it’s that damn good.

3 pie

Three Pies

Average. That is the word to describe the food. The food is so meh that you wake up the next morning and forget what you ate for dinner last night. Still, it’s worth another shot because there is a pretty good dish or two.

2 pie

Two Pies

You wince when you get the receipt because the money you spent was so not worth it. The taste of the food lies between average and unpalatable. The chicken is bland, the pork is tough, but at least the water you gulped down after every bite makes it slightly bearable. You vow never to return.

1 pie

One Pie

You wouldn’t even bring your worst enemy here — it’s too cruel. Your taste buds have experienced the food apocalypse. The food is so disgusting it makes you wonder if it was pulled out of a garbage can and slapped onto a plate. You make a mental note to buy the chef a dictionary, because he must have confused edible with toxic.