You are probably on this page right now because

a. You want to know more about my food and travel blog.

b. You accidentally clicked on the link to my site and now you’re confused.

c. You’re really bored.

d. You’re a creep and you are planning to do something creepy with the information you are about to read.

Whatever the reason may be, welcome to Life of Pie! This is a no-judgement zone. (Actually, scratch that. If your answer is d, please get out.)

Anyways, thank you so much for stopping by. My name is Marie, and I am an ordinary girl living in the Philippines. While I am not a professional food critic, I do love to eat and explore the food scene of different countries. I began this blog with the sole purpose of establishing a platform wherein I can share my food finds with the rest of the world. Hopefully, I can help you embark on more food adventures!

Of course, this ordinary girl still has not reached all corners of the globe. I would love it if you would drop a comment (or two!) about delicious food that you may have tried — so that I can try it too! (Fine, this blog isn’t entirely selfless. But it’s a win-win situation for all of us, am I right?)

Okay, I am going to stop rambling now so that you can explore the posts and get the restaurant recommendations you are searching for. Thank you again for visiting my blog and enjoy!